Special Shrimp Soup Ramen

Special Shrimp Soup Ramen

by Baby food

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I often like to go to the noodle shop outside to eat some thick noodle soup. After a long time, everyone actually knows that the soup is made with additives. Today I recommend the real shrimp noodle soup. You eat it every day and make it.


Special Shrimp Soup Ramen

1. Wash the shrimp

Special Shrimp Soup Ramen recipe

2. You can use sliced meat or ham

Special Shrimp Soup Ramen recipe

3. Boiled water noodles

Special Shrimp Soup Ramen recipe

4. After the noodles are fished, they must be cooled with cold water to increase the elasticity of the noodles.

Special Shrimp Soup Ramen recipe

5. The shrimp is cleaned and fried at a high temperature. It is recommended that the shrimp head be opened and washed for a cleaner.

Special Shrimp Soup Ramen recipe

6. After the prawns are fried, pour out the excess oil and set aside. Add appropriate amount of water and boil on high heat. Turn to low heat and simmer until the soup becomes thicker, then turn off the heat.

Special Shrimp Soup Ramen recipe

7. After the shrimp soup is cooked, peel off the shrimp and set aside the shrimp meat. Put the shrimp head and shell soup into the cooking machine and stir until the shell is gone.

Special Shrimp Soup Ramen recipe

8. Filter the stirred soup with a slotted spoon or gauze at least twice to make the soup more delicate.

Special Shrimp Soup Ramen recipe

9. Put the filtered soup in the pot, boil the cold noodles in the pot for a while, and add the right amount of seasoning.

Special Shrimp Soup Ramen recipe

10. Add shrimp, ham or meat slices, soft-boiled eggs, green vegetables, etc. I use onions here, depending on personal preference. Pour in the remaining shrimp oil just now, and the sweet and thick shrimp noodle soup is out of the pot!

Special Shrimp Soup Ramen recipe


1. The prawns must be deep-fried, only fragrant.
2. After stirring, the shrimp soup can be boiled for a while to increase the concentration.
3. The shrimp meat does not need to be boiled in the soup again. It is too old.


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