Spicy Chicken

Spicy Chicken

by Fly in Dream 88

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I use food to cheer for the Olympics, and the Chinese Olympic athletes cheer! Like to eat chili chicken, the more spicy, the more fragrant!


Spicy Chicken

1. Wash the chicken legs, chop them into small pieces, add cooking wine, salt, and starch to mix evenly

Spicy Chicken recipe

2. Put more oil in the pan, add the chicken nuggets to deep fry when the oil is hot

Spicy Chicken recipe


Spicy Chicken recipe

4. There is on the bottom of the pot, add green onion, ginger, garlic and fragrant, add chili, and stir fry the Chinese pepper

Spicy Chicken recipe

5. Add fried chicken nuggets and cooking wine

Spicy Chicken recipe

6. Stir fry with soy sauce, salt and sugar

Spicy Chicken recipe

7. Sprinkle in the cooked sesame seeds at the end

Spicy Chicken recipe

8. Stir fry evenly.

Spicy Chicken recipe

9. Pasta as an Olympic ring

Spicy Chicken recipe

10. Do a dive

Spicy Chicken recipe

11. Loading

Spicy Chicken recipe


The red peppers are put in cold water before being put in the pot, it is delicious and delicious!


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