Spicy Crab

Spicy Crab

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Spicy crab is a classic traditional dish of Sichuan Province, belonging to Sichuan cuisine. A delicacy made of meat crab supplemented with onions, ginger, pepper, dried chili, etc. The dish is fragrant, spicy, fresh, crisp, delicious and nutritious.


Spicy Crab

1. Wash crabs

Spicy Crab recipe

2. Scallions, cut into sections

Spicy Crab recipe

3. Minced ginger

Spicy Crab recipe

4. Sliced onion

Spicy Crab recipe

5. Crab diced

Spicy Crab recipe

6. Stir cornstarch and crab well

Spicy Crab recipe

7. Add the crabs in a pan and cook oil, and fry the crabs until golden

Spicy Crab recipe

8. Stir the sesame pepper, dried pepper, and ginger over high heat, add the spicy sauce and onion and stir-fry evenly

Spicy Crab recipe

9. Finally add the crab and salt and stir fry evenly

Spicy Crab recipe


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