Crab recipes

Fish Head Shrimp and Crab Soup

Fish Head, Crab, Shrimp

Crab Soup

Crab, Cooking Wine, Starch

Chicken Soup Seafood Hot Pot

Knorr Soup Po (old Hen Soup), Water, Shrimp

Spicy Crab

Crab, Ginger, Scallions

Delicious Crab Kump Soup

Crab, Vegetables, Edamame

Thai Curry Crab

Crab, Curry Powder, Parsley

Curry Crab

Crab, Garlic, Shallot

Steamed Crab

Crab, Shallot, Ginger

Small Crab Fish Head Mushroom Soup

Chub Head, Crab, Mushroom

Winter Melon Crab Soup

Crab, Winter Melon, Oil

Crab Tofu Soup

Crab, Tofu, Enoki Mushroom

Spicy Fried Crab and Prawns

Crab, Prawns, Xiabuxiabu Sauce

Crab, Cordyceps, Sea Cucumber Soup Pot

Crab, Knorr Soup Po, Lamb Slice

Snail Scrambled Eggs

Snails, Dried Eggs, Crab