Thai Curry Crab

Thai Curry Crab

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Let the tip of your tongue bathe in the Thai sea breeze


Thai Curry Crab

1. Divide the crab into several pieces.

Thai Curry Crab recipe

2. Slice ginger, mince coriander, slice green onion, shred pepper, and smash garlic.

Thai Curry Crab recipe

3. Saute ginger, spring onion, and chili, add curry powder and oyster sauce, then add a little water to simmer, then add white pepper and sugar.

Thai Curry Crab recipe

4. The cut crabs are dipped in a small amount of flour. (This way the crab meat will not fall apart during the frying process)

Thai Curry Crab recipe

5. After reaching the oil temperature, put the crabs in a frying pan and fry for one minute. Drain the crab before frying it. (For the method to determine the oil temperature, please check the tips at the bottom of this article❶)

Thai Curry Crab recipe

6. Pour the fried crabs into the curry pot, add milk and fish sauce and mix well.

Thai Curry Crab recipe

7. Pour the beaten egg mixture (two eggs) in the pot.

Thai Curry Crab recipe

8. Add the chopped coriander, stir-fry and mix well, then it can be out of the pot.

Thai Curry Crab recipe


❶How to measure oil temperature?
Insert the chopsticks into the oil pan. If bubbles appear around the chopsticks, it means that the oil is hot enough for the next steps.


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