Steamed Crab

Steamed Crab

by Lightly gourmet

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Autumn is a good time to eat crabs, crabs are very fat and the price is not expensive! However, the crab is cold, it should be eaten better with ginger and vinegar!


Steamed Crab

1. The crab is big, right

Steamed Crab recipe

2. Rinse with water

Steamed Crab recipe

3. Put your abdomen up

Steamed Crab recipe

4. Add green onion and ginger slices

Steamed Crab recipe

5. Put in salt

Steamed Crab recipe

6. Put the right amount of salt in each belly to taste

Steamed Crab recipe

7. Bring to a boil, steam for 15 minutes

Steamed Crab recipe

8. Mix the minced garlic, vinegar, and light soy sauce together into the sauce and eat it

Steamed Crab recipe


Steam crabs should not be steamed for too long, otherwise the crab meat will not be tender.


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