Delicious Crab Kump Soup

Delicious Crab Kump Soup

by Mu Nuan

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It's another person eating dinner, but even a person should live a serious life and take care of themselves, so that those who work hard outside will be at ease. Whatever you experience has its own reasons for experience. What life forgets to give you, one day, the years will give you.


Delicious Crab Kump Soup

1. Wash the female crab and cut it in half; wash the small green vegetables, wash the edamame, drain the water; cut two slices of ginger and chop the green onion

Delicious Crab Kump Soup recipe

2. Heat up the oil in a pan, pour in the edamame, stir fry twice

Delicious Crab Kump Soup recipe

3. Add water to boil

Delicious Crab Kump Soup recipe

4. While boiling water, add gnocchi, flour and warm water, put a little less at first, stir clockwise with chopsticks, stir while adding a small amount of water. When the chopsticks are pulled up, they are as shown in the picture. I serve as a staple food, of course, if it serves as a side meal, it’s better to be thinner

Delicious Crab Kump Soup recipe

5. Boil the water, add crab, ginger, wine, boil again, take chopsticks and add gnocchi

Delicious Crab Kump Soup recipe

6. After the lump soup boils, add the small green vegetables, cook for about 1-2 minutes, add salt, and sprinkle with chopped green onions

Delicious Crab Kump Soup recipe


For the cooking wine here, I used the bayberry wine made before, but other wines are also fine. I eat it as a staple food today. If you are a cook, you can add water to the gnocchi to make it thinner.


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