Spicy Crab

Spicy Crab

The first time I tried, my confidence increased!







by missblueberry

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How to make it (Spicy Crab)

1. After washing the crabs, cut each crab into quarters (how to cut depends on personal preference)
Spicy Crab recipe
2. Cut pepper into sections, mince garlic, slice ginger, and slice green onions (the processing method and dosage also depend on personal preference)
Spicy Crab recipe
3. Put the chili garlic and ginger slices in hot oil until fragrant, and then stir-fry the crabs over high heat until they change color. After the crabs turn red, add cooking wine (or rice wine) and light soy sauce to remove the fishy seasoning. More tasty. The green onions and salt can be left or not, it's very random haha~
Spicy Crab recipe

It’s the first time I saw someone else’s recipe, but I didn’t expect it to be easy to cook, and it tastes very good when it comes out of the pot. I recommend everyone to try it!


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