Spicy Crayfish

Spicy Crayfish

by April Bean

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It's the season to eat lobster, so you won't get tired of it! Change the taste and continue to eat! Hot and spicy. Simple crayfish tails are more enjoyable to eat! "


Spicy Crayfish

1. Prepared ingredients. (Wash the lobster tails and set aside)

Spicy Crayfish recipe

2. Cut the side dishes and set aside.

Spicy Crayfish recipe

3. Heat oil, sauté chili, pepper, and minced garlic.

Spicy Crayfish recipe

4. Pour the lobster tails.

Spicy Crayfish recipe

5. Stir fry for a minute.

Spicy Crayfish recipe

6. Add the green chilies and stir fry together.

Spicy Crayfish recipe

7. Stir-fry until broken, add a little water, add soy sauce and oyster sauce to taste!

Spicy Crayfish recipe

8. Heat up the juice and add the green onions. Stir-fry evenly to get out of the pan.

Spicy Crayfish recipe

9. Finished product.

Spicy Crayfish recipe


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