Beer Crayfish Tail

Beer Crayfish Tail

by Shangshizhiwen

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Recently, crayfish tails are on specials in the nearby supermarket. They are so cheap that you can buy a catty for 10 yuan. I was not very interested in crayfish, so I couldn't help but start at this price.

I have cooked crayfish in the past, and it is delicious, but it is very troublesome to make it by yourself. It is different to buy this kind of frozen shrimp tail. It is very trouble-free, and it is ready in more than ten minutes.

Crayfish and beer are a perfect match. This time I used Feldberg beer, which is rich in wheat and fragrant in the mouth, to make it. I found it really tastes great! The taste is rich, and its unique fragrance makes the taste of the dishes complete and unique.

After cooking, open a can of cold beer, drink beer, crayfish and beer, it’s so cool~~


Beer Crayfish Tail

1. Wash the crayfish tails and drain the water.

Beer Crayfish Tail recipe

2. Shred the onion and the ginger.

Beer Crayfish Tail recipe

3. Cut the shallots into sections and the coriander into sections.

Beer Crayfish Tail recipe

4. Flatten garlic, peeled and diced.

Beer Crayfish Tail recipe

5. Use kitchen paper to absorb the water from the crayfish tail.

Beer Crayfish Tail recipe

6. Put oil in the wok, add shrimp tails when the oil is hot, and stir fry for about 3 minutes.

Beer Crayfish Tail recipe

7. Shovel the tail of the shrimp to one side with a spatula and leave a place for butter.

Beer Crayfish Tail recipe

8. After the butter has melted, add onion, half of shallots, ginger, garlic, and Chinese pepper, and sauté until fragrant.

Beer Crayfish Tail recipe

9. Add light soy sauce, soy sauce, sugar, beer, and salt, and stir well.

Beer Crayfish Tail recipe

10. Cover, medium and small heat, 5 minutes.

Beer Crayfish Tail recipe

11. Put the remaining shallots and parsley.

Beer Crayfish Tail recipe

12. Stir-fry and serve. Feldberg beer, add it to cooking, it's delicious all over the house.

Beer Crayfish Tail recipe


1. The crayfish can also be washed clean and the shrimp sacs are removed in the same way. The final braising time will be longer.
2. The prickly ash is more fragrant first, but I forgot for a while and put it later.
3. This quick-frozen lobster tail is basically cooked, so the simmering time


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