Spicy Hot Pot

Spicy Hot Pot

by Mingyue Dance Tsing Yi

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This kind of haze weather is most suitable for eating hot pot at home. Some time ago, I had a meeting with my friends to find the imaginary "hot pot journey", and left Chongqing with regret. Because of the short time journey, I did not meet the imaginary "hot and spicy" "The hot pot.
Follow the steps, and you can make super cool spicy hot pot quickly and easily. There is no need for additional dipping materials, just a little bit of dry dipping sauce for chili noodles, which tastes better.

No additives are added, pure Chengdu flavor. During the production process, 2 kinds of pepper, 2 kinds of Chinese pepper, 21 kinds of spices, 4 kinds of animal and vegetable oils, 6 kinds of oil refining auxiliary materials, 3 kinds of flavors are extracted, and the essence of 38 kinds of raw materials is taken. No need to add other spices before frying It can be eaten directly.


Spicy Hot Pot

1. Prepare materials.

Spicy Hot Pot recipe

2. Wash and slice konjac

Spicy Hot Pot recipe

3. Yellow throat washed and sliced

Spicy Hot Pot recipe

4. Wash the hairy belly and cut into sections.

Spicy Hot Pot recipe

5. Wash enoki mushrooms, tricholoma and matsutake mushrooms, and slice them.

Spicy Hot Pot recipe

6. Soak potato slices in water. Slice ginger and cut green onions into sections. Luncheon meat slices

Spicy Hot Pot recipe

7. Soak the dried chili section and dried pepper in hot water for 15-20 minutes.

Spicy Hot Pot recipe

8. Put salt, chicken essence, rock sugar, glutinous rice grains, and white wine into the bottom of the pot.

Spicy Hot Pot recipe

9. Add the hot pot bottom material.

Spicy Hot Pot recipe

10. Soak the chili segments and peppercorns, strain off the water, and pour into the bottom of the pot.

Spicy Hot Pot recipe

11. Add the broth (boiled water, chicken broth, bone broth).

Spicy Hot Pot recipe

12. Add sliced ginger, garlic cloves, and green onions. Bring to a boil on high fire.

Spicy Hot Pot recipe

13. Add an appropriate amount of dried chili noodles to the bottom of the bowl.

Spicy Hot Pot recipe

14. Let's start cooking.

Spicy Hot Pot recipe

15. Let's start cooking.

Spicy Hot Pot recipe


1. Add vegetables and meat as you like.


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