Spicy Lobster Cheese Balls

Spicy Lobster Cheese Balls

by Looking for Peach Blossom Island

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Just look at the amazing sales on Taobao to see how hot the spicy crayfish is. Since everyone likes it so much, today I will introduce to you a snack I made-spicy lobster cheese balls. If you like to eat crayfish but find it troublesome to shell, then you must try it. Whether you like spicy flavor, mashed potatoes or brushed cheese, you can find them all here.

This "Spicy Lobster Cheese Ball" draws on the Japanese "Takoyaki" method. The spicy taste is more suitable for the taste of Chinese people. The mellow cheese brushed is also very interesting to eat. Let's take a look at the method.


Spicy Lobster Cheese Balls

1. 1. Prepare all kinds of ingredients. I use frozen lobster tails, which is very convenient.
2. Cook the spicy lobster tails first: peel the thawed lobster tails and drain the water.

Spicy Lobster Cheese Balls recipe

2. 3. Put the "deep dish" on the ACA multi-function cooking pot, turn on medium heat, add a little oil, green onion and Pixian bean paste and sauté until fragrant.
4. Pour in the lobster tails, cooking wine and a little water and stir well.

Spicy Lobster Cheese Balls recipe

3. 5. Take the cooked lobster tails out, set aside, and soak them in the broth to taste.
6. Make mashed potatoes again: scrape and slice the potatoes, put them in the middle of the "steam pan", and pour water in the surrounding grooves.

Spicy Lobster Cheese Balls recipe

4. 7. Cover the lid and simmer on medium heat for three to five minutes.
8. Pour the steamed potato chips into a bowl, crush them with a spoon, or add a little water and puree them with a food processor.

Spicy Lobster Cheese Balls recipe

5. 9. Add starch, a little salt, black pepper, vegetable oil to the mashed potatoes, stir well and set aside.
10. Next, make the prawn balls: first put the "ball plate" on the ACA multi-function cooking pot, and put a lobster tail in each hole.

Spicy Lobster Cheese Balls recipe

6. 11. Next, put the mashed potatoes into the pockets, cut a small hole, and squeeze the mashed potatoes into each hole.
12. Turn on medium heat. After the bottom of the shrimp ball is set, squeeze some mashed potatoes on the top, then turn the shrimp ball over and continue heating.

Spicy Lobster Cheese Balls recipe

7. 13. Until both sides are cooked and shaped, remove the meatballs from the plate and squeeze them with the melted cheese paste.

Spicy Lobster Cheese Balls recipe


1. The cooked prawn balls should be eaten while they are hot. The brushed cheese is more delicious.
2. The cheese can be breakfast cheese or mozzarella cheese that can be brushed. If you use breakfast cheese, it is ready to eat, you can squeeze it directly on the shrimp balls. If you use mozzarella cheese, you should sprinkle it on the shrimp balls before they are out of the pan, and then cover and simmer for a while.
3. You can also sandwich the lobster tail and cheese between the mashed potatoes to make a sandwich prawn ball.
4. In this recipe, I used the "deep dish, steaming dish, and meatball dish" of the ACA multi-function cooking pot. The deep dish can be used for shabu-shabu, or boiling, stir-frying, etc., and the steaming dish can be used for cooking. The staple food, seafood and reheating, the meatball plate can be used to make a variety of meatballs, takoyaki and so on. One machine has multiple functions, large capacity, and convenient storage.
5. These kinds of bakeware have non-stick coating, so there is no need to brush the oil and will not stick. If you clean it, rinse it with water and dry it with a soft cloth.


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