Spicy Onion Crisp

Spicy Onion Crisp

by Shimizu Shark's Fin Kitchen

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In summer, there are more cold dishes, so red oil chili is indispensable. Every time you make cold dishes, you must deep-fry the chili oil. It is better to fry them all at once. To make spicy chili oil, I like to put some green onions or onions deep-fried until golden and then add the minced chili, so the chili oil is very fragrant. We not only use it to mix vegetables, but also love to pick and eat the golden fried onion inside. This time, I deliberately fried a bowl of spicy onion crisps with onion as the main spicy pepper. Using it in cold dishes or spreading on the steamed buns can eliminate a lot of it.
Cooking chili oil is not only spicy, adding some spices will make chili oil have a complex aroma.


Spicy Onion Crisp

1. Remove the rind of the onion, wash and chop. The nutmeg in the spice is crushed with the back of a knife

Spicy Onion Crisp recipe

2. After the wok is heated, pour the oil, add the spices, and fry slowly

Spicy Onion Crisp recipe

3. After frying the aroma, remove the spices

Spicy Onion Crisp recipe

4. Pour the chopped onion into the pot

Spicy Onion Crisp recipe

5. Fried till golden

Spicy Onion Crisp recipe

6. Pour in the chopped spicy chili and fry together with sesame seeds

Spicy Onion Crisp recipe

7. Put a little salt and turn off the heat, immediately transfer it to a bowl to avoid frying the chili peppers with hot oil.

Spicy Onion Crisp recipe


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