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The so-called vegetarian diet is not only not eating meat, but also not eating green onions, onions, leeks, garlic, garlic and other vegetables. why? There is a passage in the "Shou Shurangama Sutra":'All sentient beings, eat sweet and die, are all sentient beings, seek samadhi, and when the world is cut off, there are five kinds of pungent vegetables, five kinds of pungent. Cooked food becomes lewd, and raw food increases. Like the world, a person who eats pungent, even if he can proclaim the twelve sutras, ten heavenly immortals, they are too stinky and salty to stay away; all hungry ghosts, etc., because of the order of food, lick their lips and kiss, often live with ghosts. Fortune is declining, and there is no benefit for long. It is a Xin-eater, who practices samadhi, bodhisattvas, gods, and ten good gods, who do not come to guard. '

From the "Shou Shurangama Sutra", we can understand the importance of diet to the body and mind, so we must choose food carefully. And the five kinds of spicy vegetables mentioned in the scriptures-onions, garlic, leeks, scallions, and xingqu (vegetarian five meats, generally refers to garlic, green onions, scallions, leeks, and onions), although they do not contain toxins, they It's not meat dishes, but the ingredients contained in Xin dishes are like poisons that harm our body and mind to those who learn Buddhism and the Taoism. This is because if you eat this kind of spicy vegetables raw, it will make people feel angry and easily increase your anger; if you eat them cooked, they will grow stronger and encourage lustful thoughts. Invisibly, it encourages us to commit all kinds of killing, stealing, lust, slander, etc....evil deeds, and decimating our Dharma body and wisdom.



1. Mushrooms soaked softly

Spinach recipe

2. Cut into cubes and add 10g olive oil to the pot until fragrant. Shiitake mushrooms should be fragrant only when they are golden-brown on medium heat. Do not rush at this step and be patient.

Spinach recipe

3. After the shiitake mushrooms have changed color, add a little sugar and soy sauce and stir-fry them evenly, then they can be served.

Spinach recipe

4. The wolfberry is boiled in boiling water and drained

Spinach recipe

5. Wash the spinach, blanch it in boiling water and let it cool.

Spinach recipe

6. After the spinach is dried to warm, you can squeeze the water dry by hand, and then chop it

Spinach recipe

7. Add diced shiitake mushrooms, fried white sesame seeds, sesame oil, olive oil, and salt to the chopped spinach, mix well, put it in a small mousse mold with a spoon, press it slightly with a spoon, and then unmold directly, put goji berries on top child.

Spinach recipe


1. The shiitake mushrooms should be slowly simmered into golden yellow on medium heat. It must not be rushed, and patience is required for shiitake mushrooms to be fragrant.
2. Spinach has purines, so it must be blanched
3. White sesame seeds should also be sautéed into yellow with a slow fire, so that they taste good.


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