Spinach Burrito

Spinach Burrito

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Even an excellent vegetable like spinach has some disadvantages, that is, the high oxalic acid content, but it can be avoided as long as it is blanched before cooking. Spinach should not be blanched for too long. After boiling the water in the pot, add it to the dish. Turn it over until it becomes soft. It can be removed, or it can be served cold, or stir-fried, or piping hot..."


Spinach Burrito

1. Wash the spinach, blanch thoroughly in a pot of boiling water, remove it, and set aside in cold water

Spinach Burrito recipe

2. Put the boiled spinach into the wall breaking machine, install the machine, adjust to the fruit and vegetable program, turn it on, and the machine will complete it automatically

Spinach Burrito recipe

3. The spinach juice does not need to be filtered, just pour it directly into the basin to form a dough with suitable hardness and awake for half an hour

Spinach Burrito recipe

4. Roll out into a large sheet, then apply a layer and roll it up

Spinach Burrito recipe

5. The dough rolls are pulled into small pieces of equal size

Spinach Burrito recipe

6. Roll out into pancakes, oil the pan and fry until ripe

Spinach Burrito recipe

7. The cooked pancakes are hot, rolled with vegetables and meat, ready to eat

Spinach Burrito recipe

8. carry out

Spinach Burrito recipe


1. The spinach must be blanched first before making the juice and noodles, so that the astringency of spinach and the large amount of oxalic acid contained in it can be removed;
2. The beaten spinach juice is already very delicate, so there is no need to filter, so as not to waste ingredients;
3. The pancakes must be lightly fired, so that the baked pancakes are still green.


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