Spinach Soup

Spinach Soup

by Xia You Qiao Mu Ya Wang Paradise 2000

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Spinach contains protein, dietary fiber, carotene, iron deficiency anemia, high blood pressure.


Spinach Soup

1. Wash spinach and set aside

Spinach Soup recipe

2. Spinach on the stir-fry board for later use

Spinach Soup recipe

3. Heat the pot, add cooking oil, saute the minced garlic

Spinach Soup recipe

4. Add soup to a boil

Spinach Soup recipe

5. Boiled soup

Spinach Soup recipe

6. Blanch the spinach, let it cool, cut the spinach into sections and set aside

Spinach Soup recipe

7. Add the chopped spinach and boil

Spinach Soup recipe

8. Add light soy sauce, salt

Spinach Soup recipe

9. Essence of chicken is fine

Spinach Soup recipe


Spinach must be blanched to remove oxalic acid. Spinach is not easy to cook for too long. Just boil it for five minutes.


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