Sprout Meat

Sprout Meat

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Sprout pork is a famous dish in Yibin, Sichuan. It is mainly made with pork belly and sprouts. Although it looks a little fat and unacceptable, after seasoning and cooking, it will become rich in flavor, fat and not greasy. , Delicious food that melts in your mouth!


Sprout Meat

1. Ingredients needed: pork belly and sprouts

2. Wash the meat and put it in a pot of cold water, then add 7 grams of cooking wine, ginger slices and chive knots, and take it out of the pot 20 minutes after boiling (don’t pour out the broth)

3. Put 3 grams of honey in a small bowl

4. 3 grams of soy sauce, stir it evenly

Sprout Meat recipe

5. After the meat is out of the pan, while it is hot, spread the seasoning evenly on the pork belly and skin

6. Let it dry, and then use kitchen absorbent paper to absorb the water to prevent oil splashing

7. Pour oil in the pan, turn on medium and small fire, when the oil temperature is 3 layers hot, put the pork belly and fry on medium and low fire (put the meat in, you have to quickly cover the pan)

8. After frying for a while, uncover the lid and then turn it over and fry (cover yourself with the lid after opening to avoid scalding from oil splash)

Sprout Meat recipe

9. Fry until the meat is colored, the skin is bubbling and remove, soak in the broth for 5 minutes and remove

10. Cut the fried meat into thicker slices, and add 3 g light soy sauce and 3 g dark soy sauce to the cut meat slices

11. Mix it well

12. Put the meat skin down neatly into the bowl, minced meat can be placed on top and on both sides

Sprout Meat recipe

13. Make the seasoning sauce: Pour 3 grams of cooking wine, 3 grams of light soy sauce, 3 grams of soy sauce, 3 grams of thirteen spices, and 2 spoons of broth in the remaining seasoning (step 4).

14. Add a few more peppercorns and mix well

15. Put sprouts and ginger slices on top of the well-coded meat, and top with seasoning sauce at the end

16. Put it in a pressure cooker, steam for 50 minutes after SAIC (the amount of water in the pot should be more to prevent the water from boiling dry)

Sprout Meat recipe

17. After the pressure cooker is out of air, open the lid and take out the steamed meat

18. Cover the mouth of the steamed meat bowl with a plate, quickly turn it over, remove the original meat bowl, and enjoy a plate of fragrant meat!

Sprout Meat recipe


1. It is easy to fry the pan when frying meat, so protective measures must be taken;
2. Since the sprouts are very salty, the quantity should be considered when putting the seasoning;
3. After the meat is steamed, when it is turned into the plate, the turning speed must be fast to prevent the soup from flowing out;
4. If there is no sprouts, you can also change to other side dishes, such as dried prunes, potherb mustard, etc.;
5. Broken rice sprouts are sold in supermarkets and online stores.


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