Steamed Dumplings

Steamed Dumplings

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Xiaolongbao, known as Xiaolongbao by Kaifeng people, has a thin skin and a big filling. The soup is oily, soft and fragrant. It is white and shiny. The food is not as good as the hotel's, so you can feel more at ease eating by yourself. "


Steamed Dumplings

1. Add an egg white and a little salt to the flour to form a moderately hard and soft Sanguang dough. Cover with plastic wrap for 40 minutes.

Steamed Dumplings recipe

2. Add a whole egg and an egg yolk to the pork filling, then add cooking wine, salt, light soy sauce, pepper, green onion and ginger water, and whisk in one direction.

Steamed Dumplings recipe

3. Chop the skin jelly and put it in the whipped meat.

Steamed Dumplings recipe

4. Stir well, add sesame oil at the end to increase the aroma.

Steamed Dumplings recipe

5. Huhao's noodles are divided into small doses.

Steamed Dumplings recipe

6. Roll into a garden leather.

Steamed Dumplings recipe

7. Pack small buns.

Steamed Dumplings recipe

8. Put cabbage leaves on the plate.

Steamed Dumplings recipe

9. Put on the wrapped buns.

Steamed Dumplings recipe

10. On high fire, put the buns on after the pot is boiling, and steam for 10 minutes to get out

Steamed Dumplings recipe

11. The finished product is more fragrant when dipped in vinegar

Steamed Dumplings recipe


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