Steamed Pumpkin

Steamed Pumpkin

by Pinger WOYGN

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There are many ways to make pumpkins rich in nutrition for autumn food. Today I will share a homemade recipe. When making pumpkin, my husband called a friend to come, add an order temporarily, and make another steamed pumpkin. The glutinous rice prepared before is only enough to steam one, so the second steamed pumpkin is really super easy!


Steamed Pumpkin

1. Prepare ingredients, soak glutinous rice for more than three hours in advance

Steamed Pumpkin recipe

2. Wash the glutinous rice well to control the moisture, add fine sugar and mix evenly

Steamed Pumpkin recipe

3. Put it in the steaming oven and steam at 100 degrees for 25 minutes

Steamed Pumpkin recipe

4. How to cut pumpkin without glutinous rice

Steamed Pumpkin recipe

5. Add the peeled glutinous rice and take the seeds, put them in a large bowl

Steamed Pumpkin recipe

6. Steamed glutinous rice filled with pumpkin

Steamed Pumpkin recipe

7. Put it into the steaming oven and steam at 100 degrees for 20 minutes

Steamed Pumpkin recipe

8. Steamed and take out

Steamed Pumpkin recipe

9. Slice the pumpkin with glutinous rice and then pour honey on it. Add the diced pumpkin, cornstarch and water to mix evenly on it.

Steamed Pumpkin recipe

10. Put it in the oven again and steam at 100 degrees for 10 minutes.

Steamed Pumpkin recipe

11. Steamed and add honey beans to decorate according to your preference, sweet and soft pumpkin glutinous rice

Steamed Pumpkin recipe


There is no special skill for steaming pumpkin. The only thing is that the glutinous rice should be soaked first.\nIf it is a normal steamer, you can just open the lid when you pour honey or starch water on it.


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