Steamed Venetian Bun

Steamed Venetian Bun

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Baiye Bao--A common home-cooked dish in Jiangnan area, it is as salty and delicious as steamed or boiled in soup.


Steamed Venetian Bun

1. Prepare pork filling. Add rice wine, ginger powder, light soy sauce, and old soy sauce to the meat filling and stir evenly. Add water in portions and stir evenly. Each time the water is completely absorbed and add another time until the meat filling absorbs enough water. Use chopsticks to beat in the same direction until it starts Gum, add salt, salad oil, green onion, sesame oil and mix well.

Steamed Venetian Bun recipe

2. Wash the venetian skin and drain the water.

Steamed Venetian Bun recipe

3. Take a piece of venetian leaf skin and place it diagonally as shown in the picture, and put an appropriate amount of pork filling.

Steamed Venetian Bun recipe

4. Fold a corner to wrap the pie and compress the meat.

Steamed Venetian Bun recipe

5. As shown in the picture, the left corner is folded to wrap and press the meat filling.

Steamed Venetian Bun recipe

6. Roll it forward and roll it tightly into a tube.

Steamed Venetian Bun recipe

7. The remaining corner is stuffed into the tube to wrap the meat, and a louver wrap is ready.

Steamed Venetian Bun recipe

8. Pack all the louver bags, basically the same size.

Steamed Venetian Bun recipe

9. Place the venetian bag in a glass bowl, add half a bowl of chicken broth and a few scallions.

Steamed Venetian Bun recipe

10. Boil the water in the pot into the steaming rack, place the glass bowl on the steaming rack, cover the pot, and turn to medium heat and steam for 10 minutes.

Steamed Venetian Bun recipe

11. After the steamed venetian bag, pick out the green onions, sprinkle with chopped green onions and serve.

Steamed Venetian Bun recipe

12. Serve on the plate, salty and delicious.

Steamed Venetian Bun recipe


1. Prepare the pork filling and add water, the taste is not old, add salad oil, the taste is smooth and tender.
2. Modulate the pork filling and add seasonings according to your own taste.


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