Steamed Yellow Croaker

Steamed Yellow Croaker

by Qiuyue0815

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Many people who lose weight like to eat vegetables instead of meals. In fact, exercise and a reasonable diet are still necessary. As the saying goes, "livestock meat is not as good as poultry meat, and poultry meat is not as good as fish meat" Come on, share this nutritious dish together.
(Baidu) Fish meat has the characteristics of tender and delicious meat, rich in nutrients, high protein, low fat, rich in vitamins and minerals, good taste, and easy to digest and absorb. Eating fish often has the effects of nourishing liver and blood, nourishing skin and nourishing hair.


Steamed Yellow Croaker

1. Yellow croaker cleaned and treated

Steamed Yellow Croaker recipe

2. Add cooking wine, pepper, ginger, salt to pickle

Steamed Yellow Croaker recipe

3. Cut green onion, garlic slices, and red hot peppers into fine pieces

Steamed Yellow Croaker recipe

4. Spread the onion, garlic and chili on the plate

Steamed Yellow Croaker recipe

5. Add ginger powder, oyster sauce, steamed fish tempeh and other condiments

Steamed Yellow Croaker recipe

6. Put the fish on the seasoning, put on the basket, set the steaming time according to the size of the fish

Steamed Yellow Croaker recipe

7. After the fish is steamed, put some shredded green onions and peppers

Steamed Yellow Croaker recipe

8. Put the pepper and the large grains in a frying pan and fry them on low heat to get the fragrance, filter out the pepper and large grains

Steamed Yellow Croaker recipe

9. Pour the pepper oil on the steamed fish while it is hot

Steamed Yellow Croaker recipe


When marinating fish, pay attention to add some seasoning to the fish maw or make a few diagonal cuts on the fish to make it easier to taste


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