Yellow Croaker Soup

Yellow Croaker Soup

by Minger Kitchen

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In the summer heat, you must eat less meat. The meat I am talking about is red meat, especially donkey beef, beef and mutton, which is a source of heat. But it is not realistic to be a vegetarian, after all, children are not willing! Then eat white meat fish that are not easy to get angry. Today, I used a yellow croaker to cook a bowl of soup for the children. It took a very short time. Just pay attention to 2 points, just a few minutes, and the fish soup will be as white as milk.


Yellow Croaker Soup

1. Because I live in the mainland, I rarely buy fresh yellow croaker, and I usually eat frozen products. First, treat the yellow croaker. Thaw the yellow croaker naturally, remove the scales and internal organs of the fish, rinse them well, and cut them into two sections with a knife.

Yellow Croaker Soup recipe

2. Heat up the pan and heat the oil, add the yellow croaker to fry. Fry it first. This is a small trick to ensure that the white fish soup is cooked quickly.

Yellow Croaker Soup recipe

3. Fry the brown on both sides, add green onion, ginger, garlic and stir fry for a fragrant flavor.

Yellow Croaker Soup recipe

4. Pour in hot boiling water, and the pot will be a thick soup as white as milk. Add appropriate amount of salt, vinegar, and MSG to taste.

Yellow Croaker Soup recipe


Minger's summary: 1 If you want to quickly cook a thick soup as white as milk, you must fry the fish.

2 If the fish soup is not fishy, it is best to boil the fish soup in boiling water.

3 Put the salt when it comes out of the pot at the end to ensure the freshness of the fish.


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