Stewed in A Pot

Stewed in A Pot

by meggy dancing apple

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The cavity ribs and spare ribs are stewed together, which not only satisfies the family's desire to eat meat, but also satisfies the desire to chew on bones. Use a pressure cooker to braise and stew, add less water and shorten the time, and you can still make a mouthful of rotten meat. The rest of the soup is not wasted, it is excellent for stew or noodles.


Stewed in A Pot

1. Chop the ribs into small pieces and wash away the bone residue

Stewed in A Pot recipe

2. Put it in the pot with cold water to boil the excess blood

Stewed in A Pot recipe

3. Remove the cooked ribs from the cavity

Stewed in A Pot recipe

4. Prepare garlic, fresh ginger, star anise and bay leaves in advance

Stewed in A Pot recipe

5. Put the cavity ribs into the inner pot of the pressure cooker, pour hot water to make it level with the cavity ribs, then pour in an appropriate amount of soy sauce, cooking wine, and seasonings into the pot

Stewed in A Pot recipe

6. With the braising program, it takes about 40 minutes to cook out

Stewed in A Pot recipe

7. So fragrant

Stewed in A Pot recipe

8. So fragrant

Stewed in A Pot recipe


1. There are residues on the bones, so they must be cleaned;
2. Boil in the pot with cold water, which can force the blood water out of the meat and bones well;
3. Use hot water to braise and stew, it will not shrink and harden the protein due to sudden cold;
4. Put a lot of water, the seasonings such as soy sauce and salt can be appropriately increased. The soup can be used to pour noodles or stews and it tastes great.


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