Stir Fry

Stir Fry

by Jamie Pastoral

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Stir-fried dish, an auspicious dish name. We are here to eat this dish in February Erlong. Healthy ingredients, refreshing taste, a very good delicacy. Stir-fried mixed dishes have the same dish name, but different people operate it, and the ingredients used are also different. I use 8 kinds of ingredients for this stir-fried dish, with various colors and rich nutrition.


Stir Fry

1. Soak fungus and shiitake mushrooms in cold water

Stir Fry recipe

2. Bean sprouts, carrots, dry clean, gluten clean

Stir Fry recipe

3. Carrots, fragrant dry cleaning, gluten shreds

Stir Fry recipe

4. Tear the fungus into small flowers, and cut the mushrooms into strips

Stir Fry recipe

5. Wash the spinach and blanch it in the pot and remove it to drain.

Stir Fry recipe

6. Fry the eggs in the pan and serve them out

Stir Fry recipe

7. Cut eggs and spinach stems into strips

Stir Fry recipe

8. Start the frying pan, stir the scallion and ginger into the pan, then stir-fry the fungus and mushrooms in the pan

Stir Fry recipe

9. Stir-fry carrots and bean sprouts

Stir Fry recipe

10. Fried gluten and fragrant dry in the pot

Stir Fry recipe

11. Stir fry with salt

Stir Fry recipe

12. Turn off the heat, stir-fry the eggs and spinach stems, stir-fry evenly and serve

Stir Fry recipe


1. The ingredients are matched according to personal preference.
2. It is not advisable to add condiments with heavy color and flavor to this dish.


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