Sweet and Sour Pork Ribs

Sweet and Sour Pork Ribs

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The ribs are moderately sweet and sour, not greasy or greasy, and have a rich and delicate taste. They are not only delicious, but also have high nutritional value! After the ribs are stewed, most of the soluble calcium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, etc. overflow into the soup. Calcium and magnesium are easily resolved under acidic conditions. Acetic acid can make the calcium and magnesium in the ribs produce calcium acetate, which can be better absorbed and utilized by the human body. Therefore, the sweet and sour ribs can improve the nutrient absorption rate of boiled ribs, which is very suitable for feeding. Calcium supplements for the elderly, children and pregnant women. The color is syrupy, not thick or light, even if you mix rice with juice, it's also delicious!
Sugar has the effects of nourishing the lungs and promoting fluid, nourishing yin, flavoring, removing bad breath, detoxifying salt and brine, relieving cough, strengthening the lungs, and soothing liver qi. Appropriate consumption can also help improve the body's absorption of calcium. Adding a little vinegar when cooking dishes will not only make the dishes crisp and delicious, remove the fishy smell, but also protect the nutrients in them.


Sweet and Sour Pork Ribs

1. Bring an appropriate amount of water to a boil, pour in the cooking wine and ginger slices, blanch the ribs and remove them

Sweet and Sour Pork Ribs recipe

2. Pour oil into the pot, pour rock sugar and fry the sugar color; after the rock sugar melts, wait until the oil foams and the color starts to turn yellow

Sweet and Sour Pork Ribs recipe

3. Pour in the ribs and stir fry quickly so that the ribs are covered with sugar

Sweet and Sour Pork Ribs recipe

4. Mix in light soy sauce, dark soy sauce, rice vinegar, sugar, and boiled water without ribs

Sweet and Sour Pork Ribs recipe

5. After the high heat is boiled, turn to medium-low heat and simmer for 40 minutes, then add salt

Sweet and Sour Pork Ribs recipe

6. Finally, heat the soup until it is thick

Sweet and Sour Pork Ribs recipe


1. Buy high-quality ribs instead of ordinary ribs. You can ask the store to help you chop them in advance;
2. When braising ribs, pour boiling water instead of cold water. Otherwise, the ribs will not taste fragrant and the taste will be hard;
3. The final step of collecting the soup is very critical, using a high fire, but the sweet and sour sauce is usually easy to paste the pot, so it is necessary to turn the ribs in the pot more.


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