Sweetheart Lotus Root Cake

Sweetheart Lotus Root Cake

by Aunt Xizhen

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There are always fruits, eggs, and sugar, so I wonder if I can make vegetables into desserts.
Just like at the time of the World Cup, I dared to put bacon in the biscuits but got delicious snacks by accident. This lotus root cake is a bit unusual.
I first saw biscuits made from lotus root in a Korean vegetarian book.
My friend did it once and said it was very troublesome and the taste was average.
I wondered if it was made into a cake, and the candied lotus roots were beaten with whole eggs, it might make up for the lack of taste.
When eating this little cake, you can bite into the crunchy feeling of lotus root, which is very chewy.
The addition of almond flour also adds a unique aroma to the monotonous egg taste.
If you want something fresh like me, you can try this vegetable cake.
If you like it, my aunt will continue to study this kind of dessert next time.
Haha, this is the advantage of baking by yourself. There is only unexpectedness, but there is no failure.
The dark dishes such as moon cake fried meat in the university cafeteria are weak, like lotus root cake, broccoli bread, carrot biscuits and the like are the real creative delicacies.
Who said that desserts must be made with chocolate and fruit?
Fresh and low-fat vegetables can also be blended.
It’s full of creativity and fun baking like an experiment. Let’s play with it.


Sweetheart Lotus Root Cake

1. Treat the lotus root first. After peeling, cut out 8 slices, soak in water for later use. Cut the rest into small dices. Put the lotus root in the pot, add sugar and water, simmer on a low heat, cook until the water is almost dry, then let it cool for later use.

Sweetheart Lotus Root Cake recipe

2. Beat two eggs into a water-free and oil-free basin, then add fine sugar and salt, and stir in insulated water until the sugar melts. Then use an electric whisk to beat at high speed until the egg liquid is whitish and bulky, and the egg liquid on the whisk can be slowly left behind, and the traces will not disappear immediately.

Sweetheart Lotus Root Cake recipe

3. Then pour in the salad oil and mix well, then continue to sift in the low-gluten flour and baking powder. Then pour in the almond flour and stir evenly with a spatula. Finally, pour the candied lotus root and mix well.

Sweetheart Lotus Root Cake recipe

4. Spread the cake cups in the continuous mold, pour the cake batter, and it will be 8,9 minutes full. After the surface is covered with lotus root slices. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees, and bake the middle layer up and down for about 25 minutes. When you bake it in the middle, you will find that the cake batter swells, baking out the effect of kitten paw prints.

Sweetheart Lotus Root Cake recipe

5. After it's out of the oven, you can eat it until it's not hot.

Sweetheart Lotus Root Cake recipe


1. The egg-beating bowl and the egg-beater must be water-free and oil-free, or the egg liquid is not easy to be sent to a fluffy state.
2. If you want to eat low sugar, you can halve the sugar or replace it with xylitol. The lotus roots don’t need to be candied, just boil them in hot water and use them.
3. There is no need to add almond flour, replace it with flour.


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