Taro Ball Red Bean Soup

Taro Ball Red Bean Soup

by Shangshizhiwen

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I remember that the first time I met fresh taro fairy, I was in Suzhou, but I grew up in a small town in Northeast China who loved desserts. Before, I could only look up at those Taiwanese desserts on the Internet. Therefore, on the first night in Suzhou, when I saw the sign of Fresh Taro Fairy on the road leading to the hotel, I was overwhelmed with excitement. I clearly remember that I chose a taro ball No. 4 at that time, and I was shocked by it.

Later, the city also opened fresh taro fairy. When I went there for the first time, it seemed that the amount was less than that of Suzhou. I don't know if it was a unified reduction or something. Later, I ate it again, but the amount has not been much. Moreover, the price of a bowl of about 30 yuan is really a bit expensive. After that, there were more and more dessert shops and milk tea shops, and gradually fewer.

Some time ago, when I went to the supermarket and saw tapioca noodles, I immediately decided to make my own taro balls. When I did it, I realized that it was not difficult to make taro balls, and the amount of taro balls made by myself was too large and the taste was good. I ate a large bowl and praised the deliciousness.

The three colors of Yuanzi are soft and glutinous, with a soft and sweet red bean soup base, and two chunks of plump sweet potato and taro, topped with thick almond dew, so colorful and tasteful, it really feels so colorful and colorful Spring is coming!

The spring tea is fragrant, the spring flowers are charming, and the spring rain is blurred, but I only wish to enjoy this bowl of spring~~

Taro Ball Red Bean Soup

1. After washing the red adzuki beans, add appropriate amount of water to soak for 2 hours.

Taro Ball Red Bean Soup recipe

2. Put it in the electric pressure cooker, select beans, stew, and press the start button.

Taro Ball Red Bean Soup recipe

3. Steam the taro, sweet potato, and purple potato. Put the purple potato on the steamer below to avoid color mixing.

Taro Ball Red Bean Soup recipe

4. After steaming, peel off the skins, put 250g of each into a small pot, and squeeze it into a mud shape.

Taro Ball Red Bean Soup recipe

5. Divide cassava flour, water-milled glutinous rice flour, and powdered sugar into three equal parts and put them in a basin.

Taro Ball Red Bean Soup recipe

6. Separately and evenly form a smooth dough, and the purple sweet potato dough is dry and not sticky. You need to add some water in several times. Buckle a large basin or wrap it with plastic wrap to isolate the air, and leave it for about half an hour.

Taro Ball Red Bean Soup recipe

7. Cut the reserved taro and sweet potatoes into pieces for later use.

Taro Ball Red Bean Soup recipe

8. Pull a large piece of taro dough on top of the yam dough and knead it into a strip.

Taro Ball Red Bean Soup recipe

9. Cut into small sections and repeat until all the taro dough is cut into small sections. Sprinkle some water-milled glutinous rice flour to mix evenly to avoid sticking.

Taro Ball Red Bean Soup recipe

10. The sweet potato dough is also processed in steps 8-9.

Taro Ball Red Bean Soup recipe

11. The purple sweet potato dough is also processed in steps 8-9. Set aside about 80g of the prepared taro balls, and pack the rest into bags and freeze them. You can eat and cook as you go.

Taro Ball Red Bean Soup recipe

12. Boil some water in a boiling pot, add taro balls and sweet potato balls, and cook for about two minutes. After they rise to the surface, cook for about one minute.

Taro Ball Red Bean Soup recipe

13. After removing it, rinse with cold water and drain the water.

Taro Ball Red Bean Soup recipe

14. Pour the purple sweet potato balls into boiling water, and drain them in cold water after they are cooked.

Taro Ball Red Bean Soup recipe

15. Add soft sugar to the stewed red bean soup and stir well.

Taro Ball Red Bean Soup recipe

16. Put some red bean soup into a bowl, then add some three-color circles, and garnish with sweet potato cubes, taro cubes, and red kidney beans on the surface. Pour in almond dew and serve.

Taro Ball Red Bean Soup recipe


1. The ratio of red bean to water is about 1:3.5, so the stewed red bean soup is not too thick and not too thin, just right.
2. When making noodles, taro and sweet potatoes contain water, so there is no need to add water, and they can form a dough slowly; but purple potatoes are drier, you need to add some water, add in stages according to your actual situation, knead until it can be kneaded That's it.
3. After the purple potato dough is finished, be careful not to rub it too hard when rubbing the long strips, which is easy to loose.
4. According to the amount of material, more taro balls are made. Depending on how much you want to eat at a time, three bowls of 80g each can be used to make two or three bowls of finished products. There will be more red bean soup left, so you can drink it straight away.


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