Taro Soup

Taro Soup

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I loved taro soup when I was a child. Mother picked taro and green vegetables from the fields with the fragrance of the earth, processed them swiftly and simply boiled them, and you can smell the strong aroma from a distance. I often can't wait to get to the table, I have to take a sip in the kitchen, then look up, squint, and feel the sweetness of the soup. Then, despite the mother’s urging to eat, he quickly squeezed a piece of crispy taro into his mouth, and then was scalded to the point of “vagueness” and said, “Come on! Come!” My mother saw, Will always hold back the smile and gently give me a "burst". Today, Xiao C saw the unpeeled taro in the kitchen, grabbed one in one hand and asked me: Mom, is this a super Ultraman egg? The taro has a soft taste, sweet and glutinous, does not contain solanine, and is easy to digest without causing poisoning. It is very suitable for small friends. I smiled and watched Little C gulping for soup-as if my mother was looking at me with a smile, bite by bite, drinking love into my heart. Simple ingredients, simple cooking, no complicated seasoning, the mellow fragrance will not dissipate between the teeth for a long time. Let the baby fall in love with eating!


Taro Soup

1. Wash the taro with a plane, peel it and cut into hob pieces, shred the ginger and set aside

Taro Soup recipe

2. Wash the vegetables and cut into sections, wash and tear the crab-flavored mushrooms

Taro Soup recipe

3. Put a spoonful of rapeseed oil in the pan, stir-fry taro and ginger in a hot pan for 2 minutes under cold oil

Taro Soup recipe

4. Add hot water to soak the taro, cover the pot and simmer

Taro Soup recipe

5. Boil the taro for about 20 minutes. The taro is crispy and rotten. Add the green vegetables and crab mushrooms and cook for 2 minutes. Sprinkle a little salt to get out

Taro Soup recipe


1. Taro must be thoroughly cooked before being eaten;
2. Do not cook the vegetables for too long, because high temperature will destroy the VC in the vegetables;
3. Rapeseed oil can only be used directly after it has been matured. Generally, the rapeseed oil that is self-squeezed by farmers must be boiled and smoked before it can be used after matured.


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