Thai Sour and Spicy Fish

Thai Sour and Spicy Fish

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The moderately hot and sour fish in sour soup makes the tip of the tongue feel back to pure nature. After feeling the fusion of fish and natural spices, the aftertaste echoes in the mouth. From the beginning to the end, there was no smell of additives.


Thai Sour and Spicy Fish

1. The owner has already processed the fish when you buy the fish, and you can just go home and clean the slime from the fish

2. Take the egg white, ginger, spring onion, salt, and oil into a container with fish, mix all the main and auxiliary ingredients evenly, and marinate for 20 minutes

Thai Sour and Spicy Fish recipe

3. Open the hot and sour cooking pot and put it in a container, add an appropriate amount of water to mix it evenly into a thick sauce

4. Boil a pot of boiling water from the pot, blanch the fish in the pot until the surface changes color, remove and drain the water

Thai Sour and Spicy Fish recipe

5. In a separate pot, add a small amount of water and pour the hot and sour sauce

6. After the soup in the pot is boiled, add the fish fillets, cook and cut off, put the lettuce in a bowl first, and pour the fish and soup on top.

Thai Sour and Spicy Fish recipe
Thai Sour and Spicy Fish recipe
Thai Sour and Spicy Fish recipe


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