Snakehead recipes

Boiled Sauerkraut Fish

Snakehead, Sauerkraut, Dried Chili

Apple Raw Fish Soup

Snakehead, Apple, Wolfberry

Spicy Boiled Fish

Snakehead, Vermicelli, Soy Sprouts

Ham and Black Fish Soup

Snakehead, Shiitake Mushrooms, Jujube (fresh)

Yam Black Fish Soup

Yam, Snakehead, Salad Oil

Braised Bonito

Snakehead, Hot Pepper, Salt

Thai Sour and Spicy Fish

Snakehead, Egg, Lettuce

Tomato Borscht

Tomato, Snakehead, Prawn

Sauerkraut Black Fish

Snakehead, Pickled Vegetables, Salt

Raw Fish with Ginseng and Sydney in Clay Pot

Snakehead, Sydney, Sichuan Fritillaria

Chongqing Pickled Fish

Snakehead, Salt, Msg

Pickled Cabbage Fish Soup

Snakehead, Sauerkraut, Salt

Sweet and Sour Black Fish

Snakehead, Vinegar, Shallot

Dry Grilled Fortune Fish

Snakehead, Salt, Ginger

Pengcheng Fish Ball

Snakehead, Pork, Rice Noodles