Braised Bonito

Braised Bonito

by Shui Qingqing

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The scientific name of bonito is black snakehead. It is a freshwater fish without intermuscular spines. Dried bonito is a holy product for soup, and is often used for soup and porridge. Today, we will not make soup or porridge. We will have a bowl of braised bonito. If you want to know what bonito looks like, please see the recipe picture.


Braised Bonito

1. Look at the fresh black fish

Braised Bonito recipe

2. A little ginger and hot pepper

Braised Bonito recipe

3. Fish guts and fish intestines

Braised Bonito recipe

4. Chop the fish, shred the pepper and ginger

Braised Bonito recipe

5. Put oil in the pan, fry the fish first after the oil is hot

Braised Bonito recipe

6. Sprinkle salt evenly

Braised Bonito recipe

7. Fry for a while and turn over, fry on both sides slightly yellow

Braised Bonito recipe

8. Drizzle with soy sauce to color

Braised Bonito recipe

9. Move to the side of the pot, put in the pepper and ginger, put some salt on the pepper to taste

Braised Bonito recipe

10. Stir fry again

Braised Bonito recipe

11. Boil in water for two minutes

Braised Bonito recipe

12. Sprinkle with MSG

Braised Bonito recipe

13. Boil and serve

Braised Bonito recipe

14. Braised bonito served in brown sauce

Braised Bonito recipe


The fish will not have a fishy smell if it is fried first.


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