Yam Black Fish Soup

Yam Black Fish Soup

by Scarlett

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Black fish soup is added with natural yam, a product that nourishes the lungs and moisturizes dryness. Don’t underestimate it. It also has a beautifying effect and can nourish the skin and hair. Therefore, it is the most suitable to eat it this season to moisturize the skin . So, don’t hesitate to buy back the raw materials, go home and cook the soup.


Yam Black Fish Soup

1. Peel the yam and cut into hob pieces, wash the black fish and drain; prepare other ingredients; put an appropriate amount of oil in the pot, and then add 1 tablespoon of lard

Yam Black Fish Soup recipe

2. Add sliced ginger, green onion and pepper to fragrant; then scoop up all the spices

Yam Black Fish Soup recipe

3. Place the black fish fillet and fry it; turn it over with chopsticks and fry it

Yam Black Fish Soup recipe

4. After frying the reverse side, pour in the right amount of boiling water; add the prepared yam cubes

Yam Black Fish Soup recipe

5. Put the freshly picked ginger slices and green onions into it; after the high heat is boiled, cover with the lid and reduce to low heat for 30 minutes

Yam Black Fish Soup recipe

6. After simmering, add salt and pepper to taste; put in a bowl

Yam Black Fish Soup recipe
Yam Black Fish Soup recipe
Yam Black Fish Soup recipe


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