The Most Delicious Pot Tofu

The Most Delicious Pot Tofu

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Today's theme is-Guota tofu.

Tofu has been eaten by Chinese people for two thousand years. It is the most important source of protein for our ethnic group. Therefore, people praise it for its virtuousness and good food. . There used to be famine, and there was not so much meat during the Chinese New Year. Only when you entertain guests can you cook a whole bowl of pure meat dishes and serve it up. Even so, everyone just symbolically clamps a few chopsticks and grease nipple. The guest and host knew well that if the bowl of meat was made bright, the table for the next guests would not look good. So the meat is still cautiously eaten. At this time, tofu stood up and resisted the banner. After all, it was also a rare reward in the era of material scarcity.
Guangdong Hakka people must eat Yongtofu during the New Year. This craft was brought over from Henan hundreds of years ago; Zhejiang Longyou has the custom of making tofu balls, which are different from the fried ones in the north. These tofu balls are as white and tender as fish balls. Tenderly cooked in the soup. Anhui Huainan will serve tofu dumplings at the Bagongshan Tofu Banquet on the New Year's Day. And after the Yellow River, there is a line of food in the northeast of Beijing and Shandong. Guota is a Shandong cuisine, so the tofu dishes in these places always have Guota tofu.

The old tofu is cut into long cubes, wrapped in starch, then wrapped in egg liquid, and fried until both sides are browned, and then returned to the pan and burnt with soy sauce, salt, sugar and sauce to taste. At this time, the tofu is still tofu, but it is no longer there. taste. It's salty and sweet, and it's not inappropriate when it's served with wine. Mr. Liang Shiqiu said that this dish is more fresh and better with shrimp seeds. Shrimp seeds are usually not easy to obtain from northerners, so some shrimp skins are also good. Since the Qianlong dynasty, this dish has been upgraded to a palace dish and entered the imperial dining room, immediately becoming more noble. But fortunately, the ingredients are close to the people, and the people will eat it every Chinese New Year, and there is not much pressure. Besides, after eating, it is also interesting to claim that he has eaten the same dishes as the Emperor Laoer.

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The Most Delicious Pot Tofu

1. Main ingredients and ingredients

The Most Delicious Pot Tofu recipe

2. Shredded ginger

The Most Delicious Pot Tofu recipe

3. Sliced shallots

The Most Delicious Pot Tofu recipe

4. Thai pepper cut into small pieces

The Most Delicious Pot Tofu recipe

5. North tofu cut into thick slices the size of playing cards

The Most Delicious Pot Tofu recipe

6. Sprinkle a little salt and dry starch and marinate for a while

The Most Delicious Pot Tofu recipe

7. Beaten eggs

The Most Delicious Pot Tofu recipe

8. Heat the pan into the oil

The Most Delicious Pot Tofu recipe

9. Coat the tofu with egg mixture

The Most Delicious Pot Tofu recipe

10. Fry until golden on both sides

The Most Delicious Pot Tofu recipe

11. Put the fried tofu on kitchen paper to absorb oil

The Most Delicious Pot Tofu recipe

12. Leave the bottom oil in the pot, add green onion, ginger, Thai pepper and shrimp skin

The Most Delicious Pot Tofu recipe

13. After sauteing, add light soy sauce and oyster sauce

The Most Delicious Pot Tofu recipe

14. Add water to boil

The Most Delicious Pot Tofu recipe

15. Add sugar, a little salt, and not too much salt! It's okay to have a light mouth without salt!

The Most Delicious Pot Tofu recipe

16. Turn the heat to a low heat and put the fried tofu into the tofu, and cook for a while on both sides

The Most Delicious Pot Tofu recipe

17. Chicken Essence

The Most Delicious Pot Tofu recipe

18. Balsamic oil

The Most Delicious Pot Tofu recipe

19. Out of the pot

The Most Delicious Pot Tofu recipe

20. Sprinkle with the broth and sprinkle with chopped green onion and Thai pepper rings to garnish

The Most Delicious Pot Tofu recipe


1. The northern tofu can be blanched in hot water before making, and then soaked in cold water for later use, the purpose is to better shape.

2. Tofu should not be cut too thin, it is easy to loose during the production process, and the thickness is about 1 cm.

3. Before wrapping the egg liquid, be sure to dip it with dry starch, it is not easy to de-baste.

4. The latter soup can also be added with some umami flavors such as sea rice.

5. In the end, you can also thicken the thick gorgon, it must not be too thick, which will affect the taste.


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