Three-color Fried Rice with Ham

Three-color Fried Rice with Ham

by Golden ham gourmet kitchen

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Broad beans are a delicious seasonal vegetable in late spring and early summer. In the Jiangnan area, a large number of fresh broad beans are on the market around Lixia. Almost every household eats broad beans, so broad beans are also called Lixia beans. The tender broad bean skin is thin and tender, and the taste is soft and waxy. It is fried into the rice with the ham, adding a lot of delicious flavor to the original plain white rice!


Three-color Fried Rice with Ham

1. Fresh corn is peeled into one grain by one grain.

Three-color Fried Rice with Ham recipe

2. Separate the egg whites from the yolks and beat the yolks apart.

Three-color Fried Rice with Ham recipe

3. The golden ham is steamed in water for 15 minutes and then cut into small cubes.

Three-color Fried Rice with Ham recipe

4. The broad beans are peeled off, leaving tender broad beans.

Three-color Fried Rice with Ham recipe

5. After hot oil, add diced ham and stir fragrant, then add corn kernels and broad beans, stir-fry evenly, set aside.

Three-color Fried Rice with Ham recipe

6. Heat the wok with high heat, add oil again, pour in the egg liquid when it is 40 to 50% hot, add the rice and stir fry before it freezes, stir fry continuously, and use a spatula to scatter the chunks of rice and scatter them. Then add the fried ingredients, mix well, and cook. Just add a little black pepper, salt and chopped green onion before serving! ! !

Three-color Fried Rice with Ham recipe


When buying fresh broad beans, be sure to peel off the broad beans to take a look. Choose the green tendons on the broad beans and the fresh ones. If the color of the tendons turns black, it means that the broad beans are not fresh, and the skin is thick and hard, and the taste is not good.


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