Three Cup Chicken with Tomatoes

Three Cup Chicken with Tomatoes

by HotPie

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This dish is based on the three-cup chicken, the improved version of the three-cup chicken combined with the popular barbecue sauce, I hope you like it.


Three Cup Chicken with Tomatoes

1. The chicken thighs don't need to be boneless and skinned, just chop them into small pieces, add a small amount of salt, cooking wine, white pepper, and dark soy sauce for pickling.

Three Cup Chicken with Tomatoes recipe

2. Put vegetable oil and appropriate amount of sesame oil in the hot pan, then add the marinated chicken nuggets, and then cook the cooking wine, the fried chicken nuggets are completely discolored.

Three Cup Chicken with Tomatoes recipe

3. Put vegetable oil in a hot pot, add ginger, garlic, and shallots separately, and add them at intervals in this order to ensure that when the last scallions are cooked well, the ginger and garlic have just turned yellow on the surface. Pay attention to the amount and use tomato paste as the basic When it tastes, the amount of green onion, ginger, and garlic must be larger, especially the latter two. Basically, one chicken leg needs to be put into 2 large cloves of garlic, and the final taste of sweet and sour tomatoes must be eaten with a little garlic. mouth.

Three Cup Chicken with Tomatoes recipe

4. After the scallion, ginger and garlic are cooked, add 2 parts of tomato sauce, 2 parts of tomato sauce, 4 parts of glutinous rice (I used a blender to make a paste), 1 part of hoisin sauce, 1 part of rib sauce, 1 part of oyster sauce, 1 part of abalone sauce , 2 parts of rock sugar, 2 parts of white vinegar, half of chicken essence, half of salt, if you like a heavier color, you can add a little dark soy sauce, I didn't add this. Fry the bottom material over low heat. Here I will talk about the ingredients. The traditional three cups of chicken refers to a cup of lard, a cup of sesame oil and a cup of rice wine. This traditional method is not good for taste and health, so now everyone eats three cups of chicken in restaurants. Basically all are improved versions. There are a few ideas for the improved version.

Three Cup Chicken with Tomatoes recipe

5. After sautéing on low heat, heat water and add a lot of bay leaves. Add two bay leaves to a chicken leg. As mentioned above, the improved version of the three-cup chicken generally first remove the lard, retain the appropriate amount of sesame oil, the rice wine, and then add fresh seasonings. The most popular ones are oyster sauce with soy sauce and hoisin sauce, plus enough sugar and chicken essence. It has become a new three-cup chicken. My idea for this three-cup is to focus on the sweetness and sourness of tomatoes, that is, tomato sauce, tomato sauce and white vinegar, 2 servings each, totaling 6 servings to create a sour taste, 4 servings of glutinous rice and 4 servings The compound fresh sauce and 2 parts of rock sugar neutralize the sourness, then add chicken essence salt to taste, and finally use bay leaves to replace the nine-story tower that is not easy to buy.

Three Cup Chicken with Tomatoes recipe

6. Put the fried chicken nuggets into the pot. After boiling on high heat, change to low heat and simmer. Don't cover the pot during the whole process, because the chicken is so cooked, or the chicken hasn't collected the juice when it is cooked.

Three Cup Chicken with Tomatoes recipe

7. Generally, it will be cooked after 15 minutes of simmering. Use chopsticks to insert it to determine whether the chicken nuggets are mature or not. Change the high heat to collect the juice. At this time, add crushed black pepper. The amount should not be too small. The finished product should clearly taste of black pepper, etc. When the juice is collected, add a small amount of honey and stir well, so when you make the soup base, taste it yourself to make sure that the soup base is slightly more sour than you want.

Three Cup Chicken with Tomatoes recipe

8. You can decorate some leafy greens during the banquet, it will be even more beautiful. Mine is the color without the dark soy sauce. If you want a darker color, just add some dark soy sauce to the soup. Tomatoes and dark soy sauces make great luster, rock sugar honey creates a bright state, the entrance is first with a complex sweet and sour taste to open the taste buds, and then the pungency of crushed black pepper combined with the sweetness of honey and rock sugar to open the taste buds again, followed by freshness The sauce is fresh and the aftertaste of garlic and wine, I hope you like it.

Three Cup Chicken with Tomatoes recipe


If you want to make this dish, you must master all kinds of spices, the proportion and amount of seasonings. If the total amount is large, the final juice will taste too heavy, lack of ingredients and tasteless, such as ketchup, sauce, vinegar and The amount of mash sauce, fresh sauce, garlic leaves, last black pepper, honey, etc. must not be unbalanced unilaterally, otherwise a complex taste and texture will not come out. My suggestion to everyone is that the amount of soup base is rather heavy, because if the taste feels heavy, it can be used to adjust it with water. If it is light and want to adjust the weight, it is not easy to adjust. Regarding the proportions of various dosages, remember the proportions of chicken thighs and garlic leaves, and then formulate the dosage of ginger and shallots according to the amount of garlic. Then the main seasoning is 6:4:4, the right amount of salt and chicken essence, the sugar can be about the same, boil the soup yourself while tasting and seasoning, remember to beat the sugar of the last honey. The amount of black pepper is that the finished product can obviously see black pepper on the chicken nuggets, and the spicyness of black pepper should be felt at the entrance, indicating that the amount is just right. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask below. I can’t reply to comments.


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