Tiger Dish

Tiger Dish

by Xiaoyuan Review

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Xiaoyuan Review
Tiger cuisine is a delicious cold dish, belonging to the northeastern cuisine.
Use coriander and chili to shred the salad together, taste fresh and spicy, refreshing and appetizing, very helpful for digestion.

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Tiger Dish

1. 1 cucumber, 1 half onion, 1 green pepper, 1 red pepper, 5g coriander, 10g green onions
15g light soy sauce, 1g salt, 20g balsamic vinegar, 5g sugar, 10g sesame oil, 10ml water

Tiger Dish recipe

2. Wash and shred cucumber

Tiger Dish recipe

3. Shred green and red peppers, shred green onions, and thinly slice onions for later use

Tiger Dish recipe

4. Put the side dishes in a bowl and set aside

Tiger Dish recipe

5. Wash coriander and cut into sections

Tiger Dish recipe

6. Put the coriander segments in a bowl

Tiger Dish recipe

7. Take an empty bowl and pour 1g salt, 15g light soy sauce, 20g balsamic vinegar, 10g sesame oil, 10ml water, 5g sugar

Tiger Dish recipe

8. Stir evenly

Tiger Dish recipe

9. Pour the seasoning juice into the side dish bowl

Tiger Dish recipe

10. Stir evenly and serve

Tiger Dish recipe


1. The finer the side dish is cut, the better the taste


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