Tomato Beef Brisket Soup

Tomato Beef Brisket Soup

by Eyebrow

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I remember that when I went to Hong Kong to play, the sirloin noodles I ate the most, the badly cooked sirloin, and the fragrant soup base were impressive. I don’t know how to make beef myself. I only use a pressure cooker to make curry beef soup. I am tired of eating too much. Today I tried to make tomato-flavored beef brisket soup.
The sirloin was previously stocked. It was thawed and soaked in blood. Some people said that using Sprite to soak the beef would make the beef tender. I tried it, but I didn’t see any difference. The off-season tomatoes are hard and not delicious, but fortunately, we only need its taste, and it can be simmered.


Tomato Beef Brisket Soup

1. Thaw the sirloin, cut into pieces, rinse with cold water and soak for half an hour, change the water 1 to 2 times in the middle, add the green onion and ginger to the pot under cold water.

Tomato Beef Brisket Soup recipe

2. The beef in the water is rinsed with hot water to clean the foam, thrown into the pressure cooker, add more water, I added half a pot of water, anyway, it is the soup, it does not matter if the water is more. Boil SAIC in the pressure cooker for another 15 minutes, turn off the heat and let it stand.

Tomato Beef Brisket Soup recipe

3. Rinse the tomatoes, make a cross on the top, blanch them in boiling water for a few minutes, and peel them.

Tomato Beef Brisket Soup recipe

4. Cut into small squares.

Tomato Beef Brisket Soup recipe

5. Half of the onion is also cut into small cubes.

Tomato Beef Brisket Soup recipe

6. Pick up the frying pan, and stir-fry the onions under the oil to create a fragrant flavor.

Tomato Beef Brisket Soup recipe

7. Add the tomatoes and fry until the sand comes out.

Tomato Beef Brisket Soup recipe

8. Add sirloin and broth. If the broth is not enough, add water, then add some green onions and ginger slices. If you think the tomato flavor is not strong enough, you can add some tomato sauce and add it to the soup. Bring to a low heat and simmer for about half an hour. The tomato is boiled and not formed, and the thick soup is collected on the fire.

Tomato Beef Brisket Soup recipe

9. Add 2 teaspoons of salt to taste.

Tomato Beef Brisket Soup recipe

10. Delicious!

Tomato Beef Brisket Soup recipe


1 If the sirloin is not cooked in a pressure cooker, add enough water and simmer on a low heat. You can use a rice cooker to cook it.
2 Turn off the heat for 15-20 minutes after the pressure cooker is SAIC. Do not open the lid immediately, wait for the pressure to decrease before opening the lid (the vent on the lid no longer blows air)
3 Tomatoes must be simmered and dissolved in the soup to be delicious.


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