Tomato Braised Noodles

Tomato Braised Noodles

by Minger Kitchen

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If you don’t want to get up early in the morning, just make a simple and time-saving breakfast. For example, braised noodles are a good choice. The nutrition is comprehensive, and the method is simple and time-saving, which can meet our needs. Moreover, you can add any ingredients to the stewed noodles, such as meat, seafood, and vegetables. As long as your family likes to eat, you can add them, which can satisfy the family's various tastes.


Tomato Braised Noodles

1. First prepare the ingredients. Fresh noodles can be purchased as finished products; tomatoes are cut into small cubes; hot pot meatballs and shrimps are thawed in advance; green onions and ginger are cut for later use.

Tomato Braised Noodles recipe

2. Heat the oil, add the green onion and ginger until fragrant.

Tomato Braised Noodles recipe

3. Add the diced tomatoes and stir fry, stir-fry out the soup and add a proper amount of water.

Tomato Braised Noodles recipe

4. Add the thawed hot pot meatballs and shrimps.

Tomato Braised Noodles recipe

5. Boil for two minutes, season with salt and oyster sauce.

Tomato Braised Noodles recipe

6. Finally, sprinkle in the noodles and cook them until they are cooked through. The hot rice in the soup will surely warm the whole body after eating!

Tomato Braised Noodles recipe


Minger's summary: 1 If you don't have fresh noodles at home, you can use dried noodles instead, which tastes good.

2 You can add meat and vegetables at will according to your family's taste.

3Be sure to season the noodles before putting them on, so that the taste of the noodles will be even.


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