Tomato Braised Rice

Tomato Braised Rice

by Lingjiuer

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The tomato is sour and the carrot corn kernels are sweet, very appetizing, and can be made for picky eaters!


Tomato Braised Rice

1. Cut all the prepared ingredients except tomatoes into cubes

Tomato Braised Rice recipe

2. After washing two cups of rice, place the tomatoes in the center, and place the remaining vegetables and bacon on the side in turn

Tomato Braised Rice recipe

3. After setting, pour in a little natural fresh, two thick soups, appropriate amount of sesame oil, a little salt, and black pepper (according to your own taste), and then cook the rice in the rice cooker

Tomato Braised Rice recipe

4. After cooking the rice and simmering for five minutes, the bibimbap can be opened, and it can be eaten after mixing.

Tomato Braised Rice recipe


When making bibimbap, you must mash the tomatoes first, so that the tomatoes and the rice are fused together, it's delicious!


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