Tomato Braised Rice

Tomato Braised Rice

by Li is gentle.

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It’s too hot to cook? A rice cooker will do everything for you!


Tomato Braised Rice

1. Dice sausages, potatoes, cucumbers, and onions, and fry the potatoes. Take out the yellowish surface and set aside.

Tomato Braised Rice recipe

2. Wash the rice, put it in a pressure cooker, and put a little less water than usual (the tomato will have soup in the later stage). Add oil and salt, put all the diced vegetables and sausages in the pot, and put the tomatoes in the middle. The pressure cooker chooses to cook rice.

Tomato Braised Rice recipe

3. Pick out the tomato skin from the cooked rice.

Tomato Braised Rice recipe

4. Stir and mix the rice and vegetables.

Tomato Braised Rice recipe

5. Enjoy it out of the pot.

Tomato Braised Rice recipe


Simple nutrition, worth doing.


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