Tomato Mixed Vegetable Soup

Tomato Mixed Vegetable Soup

by rosejyy2000

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This soup is salty, sweet and slightly sour, rich in color, and rich in nutrition, suitable for young people. "


Tomato Mixed Vegetable Soup

1. Put about half a pot of water in the pot, put the sausage into pieces and put it into the pot, simmer to a small half pot of water, and serve:

Tomato Mixed Vegetable Soup recipe

2. When boiling the soup, you can free your hands to dice the sausage, wash the corn and green beans, and dice the carrots. After the soup is boiled, set it aside. Put water in the pot, open up the corn, green beans and carrots with water, blanch them and pick them up;

Tomato Mixed Vegetable Soup recipe

3. Put the pot on the fire again, pour the freshly cooked soup, add the tomatoes that have been sliced on the hob, cook for a while, then pour in the blanched corn, green beans and carrot diced;

Tomato Mixed Vegetable Soup recipe

4. Cover the pot and cook for 5-10 minutes;

Tomato Mixed Vegetable Soup recipe

5. Pour in tomato sauce, tomato sauce, sprinkle in pepper, add appropriate amount of salt and sugar, adjust to suit your taste, then drip in sesame oil, stir a few times and serve.

Tomato Mixed Vegetable Soup recipe


If you are more careful, or the tomato skin is too thick, you can lightly cut a few knives around the tomato, blanch it with boiling water, and tear off the skin. However, the skin is free of pesticides and fertilizers, and there is no need to peel the skin. To eat a little skin is to eat plant fiber.


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