Tomato Long Li Fish Soup

Tomato Long Li Fish Soup

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This bowl is really delicious. It is an upgraded version of tomato enoki mushroom soup. Many people have made tomato enoki mushroom soup before, and they all have high ratings.

Today, on the original basis, some mushrooms, tofu and dragon fish are added to make it fresher, more delicious, and more nutritious. No matter how hot the summer is, I no longer have an appetite, and I will have any appetite for a bowl of soup.

Recipe highlights

The steps are simple, appetizing and nutritious.


Tomato Long Li Fish Soup

1. Ingredients: 1 Longli fish, 1 enoki mushroom, 4 mushrooms, 2 tomatoes, 1/3 piece of southern tofu, 50 grams of tomato sauce, a little lemon juice, a little salt (optional)

Cooking method: boil

Reference Moon Age: 10 months+

Operating time: 20 minutes

Tomato Long Li Fish Soup recipe

2. Dice the dragon fish, add a little lemon juice and salt to marinate for a while.

Tomato Long Li Fish Soup recipe

3. Slice the mushrooms, dice the tofu, dice the enoki mushrooms, and dice the tomatoes.

Tomato Long Li Fish Soup recipe

4. The tomatoes are crossed and blanched in hot water for 3 minutes and peeled.

Tomato Long Li Fish Soup recipe

5. Pour oil in the pan, pour in the tomatoes, and press while sautéing until the tomatoes are juiced.

Tomato Long Li Fish Soup recipe

6. Add a large bowl of water, pour in the tomato paste, and bring to a boil.

Tomato Long Li Fish Soup recipe

7. Add the mushrooms, enoki mushrooms, and tofu together and cook for 5 minutes.

Tomato Long Li Fish Soup recipe

8. Add the dragon fish and cook for 3 minutes on high heat.

Sweet and sour appetizer, there is this bowl, plus a bowl of rice.

Tomato Long Li Fish Soup recipe


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