Tremella Lotus Root Soup

Tremella Lotus Root Soup

by Caohai (from Tencent.)

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The difference between fresh white fungus and dried white fungus is that it has a lot of gelatin. It only needs to be soaked for 10 minutes and it can be combined with lotus seeds, red dates, longans, etc. Anyway, you can mix it with it anyway you like. The lotus root I used today is used to make the soup. After it is boiled, the rich fragrance will come out, and it smells very good. And nutrition can relieve heat, and the method is simple.


Tremella Lotus Root Soup

1. Prepare the ingredients

Tremella Lotus Root Soup recipe

2. Peel the lotus root, cut into small dices, and put it in water to turn black

Tremella Lotus Root Soup recipe

3. Do not cut off the roots behind the fresh white fungus, wash and soak for 10 minutes to soak impurities

Tremella Lotus Root Soup recipe

4. Dried figs from small diced

Tremella Lotus Root Soup recipe

5. Wash the casserole, put in the white fungus, lotus root and dried figs, and bring to a boil.

Tremella Lotus Root Soup recipe

6. Boiled fresh white fungus on a medium-to-low fire is very fragrant, about 30 minutes, it will become soft

Tremella Lotus Root Soup recipe

7. Put the fragrance of fresh white fungus in the soup bowl and the fragrance of lotus root combined with a very comfortable taste

Tremella Lotus Root Soup recipe


Fresh white fungus just needs to be cleaned, put it in a pot and cook for about 15 minutes before it becomes soft. The smell is very fragrant. It can also be fried to eat very crispy and tender.


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