Tricolor Quinoa Quiche

Tricolor Quinoa Quiche

by Dusty

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Quinoa is suitable for many people: elementary school students, adults, pregnant women, and the elderly. I still remember that when I watched a variety show recently, I talked about this quinoa and said that I would use quinoa to cook during pregnancy. It was super delicious! I usually cook quinoa porridge or quinoa rice, but they are cooked with white quinoa, and the stomach is weak, so white quinoa is recommended.
Today’s three-color quinoa, I finished cooking and made a quinoa omelet! My first-year children like to eat. They eat a few pieces by themselves without much flavoring. They are super simple, fragrant, and a little bit chewy, but they are easy to eat. Children who have lost two of their front teeth. Can eat a few pieces.


Tricolor Quinoa Quiche

1. Wash the three-color quinoa, then pour in an appropriate amount of water and soak for 15 minutes. Soak quickly and prepare other materials. (How to choose quinoa: The diameter of high-quality quinoa is larger than millet, the grain is full, the shape is oblate, and the side of the germ is tight and long)

Tricolor Quinoa Quiche recipe

2. Pour the soaked quinoa into a clean non-stick pan, add appropriate amount of water, turn on medium heat, cover the pan, boil, and then time to cook for about 10 minutes.

Tricolor Quinoa Quiche recipe

3. Then fish out to a clean basin. Look, there are a lot of "little tails" and the budding rate is super high.

Tricolor Quinoa Quiche recipe

4. Then beat in the eggs and pour in the flour. Add salt. It's seasoning, the ingredients are as simple as that, nothing complicated.

Tricolor Quinoa Quiche recipe

5. Then pour in 75 grams of water. The amount of water can be adjusted slightly. Stir all the ingredients into a uniform and particle-free batter, which is slightly sticky but fluid. If you like a little thicker, add less water, if you like a thinner batter, add a little more. There is not much emphasis on this.

Tricolor Quinoa Quiche recipe

6. Then pour in an appropriate amount of corn oil in a non-stick pan and shake well. Then heat the oil on medium heat.

Tricolor Quinoa Quiche recipe

7. Pour half of the batter, then shake it or use a spatula to spread it out, turn to a low heat, and fry one side until it is slightly golden.

Tricolor Quinoa Quiche recipe

8. Then turn it over and fry the other side until it is slightly golden on both sides. It's okay if you don't bring it, just fry it.

Tricolor Quinoa Quiche recipe

9. Take out, slice, and plate. Healthy Tricolor Quinoa, Taobao Search Feng Quinoa Tricolor Quinoa

Tricolor Quinoa Quiche recipe


1. It is recommended to soak the three-color quinoa of the quinoa, and cook it until it sprouts. But the germination rate is really super high.
2. How much to eat, how much to soak, the remaining bag has a self-sealing strip, and it can be sealed and stored.
3. You can fry two biscuits about eight inches, of course you want to fry a little bit smaller, or you can fry them in multiple times. It depends on personal preference.
Try it if you like it, full and nutritious whole grains!


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