#trust之美# Stir-fried Bullfrog

#trust之美# Stir-fried Bullfrog

by Lao Fang Xiaoyu

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Bullfrog is a large frog originally produced in the United States. It is called bullfrog because of its loud call. Bullfrog is a kind of frog with high economic benefits, with high edible value and tender and delicious meat.
At the same time, bullfrog is also a kind of Chinese medicinal material with high medicinal value: it has the effect of nourishing and detoxification. Patients with poor digestion or hyperacidity are the most suitable to eat frog meat. People with weak or sick physique can use it to replenish their bodies and have nutritional value. Very high; it can also promote the body's vitality and blood, energetic, nourishing yin and strengthening yang, and nourishing the mind, soothing the mind and replenishing qi.
The kid in my family is a bit hot and he likes to eat meat, so I often buy some bullfrog stir-fried for him to eat, so that it can clear the fire and have the effect of detoxification~~~"


#trust之美# Stir-fried Bullfrog

1. Prepare the ingredients, weigh the fresh bullfrogs, and ask the vendors to process them, slaughter them, and peel them for use.

#trust之美# Stir-fried Bullfrog recipe

2. Use a toothpick to pick up the white paste on the spine

#trust之美# Stir-fried Bullfrog recipe

3. Clean after picking

#trust之美# Stir-fried Bullfrog recipe

4. Chop small pieces for later use

#trust之美# Stir-fried Bullfrog recipe

5. Sliced onion and set aside

#trust之美# Stir-fried Bullfrog recipe

6. Stir-fry the bullfrog skin and serve

#trust之美# Stir-fried Bullfrog recipe

7. Save the bottom oil, pour in the onion slices, fry it and change the color, then serve

#trust之美# Stir-fried Bullfrog recipe

8. Re-pour the oil and sauté half of the green onion and ginger before adding the bullfrog

#trust之美# Stir-fried Bullfrog recipe

9. Stir-fry on high heat until the color changes and drip into the cooking wine

#trust之美# Stir-fried Bullfrog recipe

10. Stir well and add 1 tablespoon of salt

#trust之美# Stir-fried Bullfrog recipe

11. Drip a little light soy sauce and stir well

#trust之美# Stir-fried Bullfrog recipe

12. Re-pour the sliced onion and stir fry

#trust之美# Stir-fried Bullfrog recipe

13. Finally add a little sugar to taste and turn off the heat

#trust之美# Stir-fried Bullfrog recipe


1. The bullfrog needs to use a toothpick to pick up the white paste on the spine to prevent poisoning or gastroenteritis after eating.
2. Most of the effects of bullfrogs are on the skin. Unfortunately, my son doesn’t eat the skins, so I can only stir-fry the skins of the bullfrogs and leave them with nutrients before discarding them.
3. When frying bullfrogs, you need to add some heavy vegetables such as onions and peppers to make the meat of bullfrogs more delicious
4. Although the bullfrog meat is fresh and tender, it needs to be cooked thoroughly before being eaten.


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