Tsundere's Fried Rice

Tsundere's Fried Rice

by Rolling_mummy

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Why is it called Tsundere's Fried Rice? Because there are two kinds of peppers? In fact, I took it fraudulently, hahaha!


Tsundere's Fried Rice

1. Cut all the ingredients into dices (I like to chop finely)

Tsundere's Fried Rice recipe

2. Pour the oil in a hot pan, then add carrots, green peppers, red peppers and dried tofu in order and stir fry a few times

Tsundere's Fried Rice recipe

3. Then pour in the rice and stir fry together

Tsundere's Fried Rice recipe

4. After the rice is fried, add salt and a little soy sauce to taste

Tsundere's Fried Rice recipe

5. Stir fry to your liking and you can cook it out

Tsundere's Fried Rice recipe


The ingredients are chopped and the color is rich. Little pot friends like this kind of fried rice. Fried rice must be fried with cold rice overnight or overnight.


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