Tuna Onigiri

Tuna Onigiri

by Forsythia (from Tencent...)

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A few days ago, I ordered a takeaway of tuna rice balls, and I was addicted to eating it. It happened that my hometown sent me fresh rice that I had just ground and made my own rice balls. Quick, delicious, 0 failures! You can also squeeze into various shapes you like.


Tuna Onigiri

1. The best rice for making rice balls is northeast rice. I use the self-produced volcanic rock slab rice in Xiangshui Village sent by my relatives in my hometown. My hometown has recently started harvesting rice. Steamed new rice is very fragrant.

Tuna Onigiri recipe

2. Steam the rice.

Tuna Onigiri recipe

3. I use canned tuna, take it out and mash it, stir-fry it with cooking wine in the pan, heat it to remove the fishy.

Tuna Onigiri recipe

4. The rice is steamed and let cool. Add in the prepared egg, tuna, seaweed, and diced cucumber (the diced vegetables can be replaced with diced carrots and diced green peppers, according to your preference), add a little sushi vinegar, not too much , Spread Chobe salad dressing and stir well.

Tuna Onigiri recipe

5. Finally, just squeeze it into the shape you like.

Tuna Onigiri recipe


This rice ball can be said to be suitable for all ages, and office workers can also prepare it in advance and take it to the company for lunch. It is very convenient and quick, and the ingredients can be added as appropriate. Newbies in the kitchen are here to show their ugliness, and everyone is welcome to chat.


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