Tuna Onigiri

Tuna Onigiri

by wuli happy elf

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I used to work in a Korean company and came into contact with some Korean delicacies, many of which were different from what we did. I like their less oil, a lot of things are cooked and seasoned with sauce. like very much.
We go out to eat, if there are dishes we like, I will go home and try to cook them. This rice ball is the rice ball that my mother-in-law and I went out to eat. I have made it twice when I came back. It has been improved. I think it is a bit like the rice ball in a Korean restaurant.


Tuna Onigiri

1. The rice should be warm, not hot. Finely chop yellow radish.

Tuna Onigiri recipe

2. Put all the ingredients in the rice, grab evenly (wear disposable gloves) and you're done✅

Tuna Onigiri recipe


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