Vance Tofu Soup

Vance Tofu Soup

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After "Gourmet Jie" exchanged the "Zwilling" knives, he couldn't wait to make this "Vance Tofu Soup" that tested both knife skills and knives. Although it was the first operation, although my hands were a little trembling when cutting the tofu, I was afraid of cutting the tofu, but the final result was still very satisfactory. This is mainly due to the great power of the knives!
"Vance Tofu Soup" is a traditional famous dish in Huaiyang area, it has a history of 300 years. Efficacy is a good recipe for the elderly and children.

Vance Tofu Soup

1. Prepare ingredients: lactone tofu, fresh mushrooms, ham sausage, cucumber, broth

Vance Tofu Soup recipe

2. First cut the ham sausage, cucumber, and shiitake mushrooms into thin strips.

Vance Tofu Soup recipe

3. Take 100 grams of lactone tofu and put it on the chopping board

Vance Tofu Soup recipe

4. Dip a knife with water (to prevent sticking), slice the tofu first, and then cut into thin filaments (this step needs to be gentle, the tofu is very tender)

Vance Tofu Soup recipe

5. After cutting, put it in the water and slash it

Vance Tofu Soup recipe

6. Then put it in boiling water and blanch it for half a minute, remove it, soak it in clean water for later use

Vance Tofu Soup recipe

7. Add the broth to the casserole, then add a proper amount of water (better if you use all the broth)

Vance Tofu Soup recipe

8. After the high heat is boiled, add shredded shiitake mushrooms, cover the pot, turn to medium-low heat and cook for about 10 minutes

Vance Tofu Soup recipe

9. Soup is inseparable from thickening. At this time, we will make water starch. First put 15 grams of corn starch in a bowl, then add 15 grams of water and mix thoroughly.

Vance Tofu Soup recipe

10. The shiitake mushrooms are boiled and fragrant, put in the shredded ham and tofu, and bring to a boil

Vance Tofu Soup recipe

11. Cook for a while and add the cucumber shreds

Vance Tofu Soup recipe

12. Add 3 grams of salt and stir evenly with a spoon

Vance Tofu Soup recipe

13. Turn to low heat, mix thoroughly with water and starch again, slowly pour it into the soup pot, and use a spoon to stir gently and continuously, turn off the heat immediately after the thick heat is boiled

Vance Tofu Soup recipe

14. Finally, add the chicken essence and mix well and you can serve it. The taste is very delicious.

Vance Tofu Soup recipe


1. When cutting tofu shreds, the knife must be sharp, otherwise it is difficult to cut fine and complete shreds.
2. For the broth, I use the ribs soup. If there is no broth, you can use water to make it, and pour in a little sesame oil at the end.
3. The ingredients can be configured according to your preferences, such as shredded carrots, shredded winter bamboo shoots, shredded chicken, etc., but tofu is a must.


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