Mid-autumn Dishes-duck Soup and Chrysanthemum Tofu

Mid-autumn Dishes-duck Soup and Chrysanthemum Tofu

by Meimeijia's Kitchen

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This year’s Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day celebrations have added a little bit of fun to the ordinary life. Although everyone is still not free to spend time everywhere, in fact, taking advantage of this rare holiday to cook some food for parents and children at home, the family will enjoy themselves. It is also a very good choice!

On National Day, the Meimei family of three are going back to the countryside to visit their grandparents. The country people are hospitable, and it is inevitable that relatives and friends will come over. The mother-in-law is getting older. This year's banquet dishes, Meimei is ready to provoke a heavy burden! During this time, Meimei began to prepare banquet dishes!

Spend 2 yuan to make a Mid-Autumn Festival "big dish"! Delicate and smooth, it melts in the mouth, more exotic than eating meat!
Its realization nowadays, no matter whether it is rural or urban, everyone has no shortage of food and drink. Everyone can eat meat every day at home, so it really doesn't matter what you eat. Visiting relatives and friends is nothing more than retelling the past, contacting the relationship, and thinking about it, let’s have something new this year! Let relatives and friends also taste the craftsmanship of my gourmet master.

The reason why I chose this dish is mainly because of its special appearance. Home-style meals, no matter how expensive the ingredients are, they are piled up on the plate. Every household has the same chicken, duck and fish. You can eat several meals in a row. I have lost my appetite, and this dish of Meimeixuan is made with tofu! Served with duck soup, it is refreshing and appetizing, and it is particularly delicious. It will definitely make you not addicted to drinking three bowls!
Don't underestimate these two yuan tofu, soy beans can be compared with meat! Tofu has a high nutritional value. It is a food for replenishing heat and clearing away heat. If you eat tofu regularly, it can replenish qi, clear heat and moisturize dryness, promote body fluids and quench thirst, cleanse the stomach and intestines. It is especially suitable for people with thermal constitution, bad breath, thirst, and unclear stomach. . It is inevitable to eat and drink on holidays, and to eat some tofu when the stomach is upset will definitely eliminate all diseases! In addition to the functions of increasing nutrition, helping digestion, and increasing appetite, tofu is also beneficial to the growth and development of teeth and bones. Tofu is rich in phytoestrogens and has a good effect on preventing and treating osteoporosis. It is a great supplement for all ages!

The great writer Su Dongpo's "Tofu Poem": "The chopsticks are creamy and smooth, and the nephrite fragrant in the clang." Many people call it "national cuisine." This is a high praise for tofu!


Mid-autumn Dishes-duck Soup and Chrysanthemum Tofu

1. To make this dish, we have to prepare a pot of duck soup in advance. Of course, as long as it is high in sugar, you can use chicken, duck and fish meat as long as it tastes good!

Mid-autumn Dishes-duck Soup and Chrysanthemum Tofu recipe

2. Rinse the surface of the lactone tofu, cut off the irregular parts of the head and tail, leaving a relatively round part in the middle.

Mid-autumn Dishes-duck Soup and Chrysanthemum Tofu recipe

3. Cut the tofu into three sections to make three tofu flowers. (If it is a square tofu, it can be cut into small square pieces)

Mid-autumn Dishes-duck Soup and Chrysanthemum Tofu recipe

4. Put the outer box of the chrysanthemum tofu mold on the tofu, press the tofu until it is cut, and you will get the beautiful chrysanthemum tofu!

Mid-autumn Dishes-duck Soup and Chrysanthemum Tofu recipe

5. Gently put the cut tofu into the cold boiled water prepared in advance, and shake the bowl gently to let the tofu naturally spread out into a chrysanthemum shape.

Mid-autumn Dishes-duck Soup and Chrysanthemum Tofu recipe

6. The finely divided tofu will float, and pour it out with the water, leaving the chrysanthemum tofu in the bowl. This step can be gentle enough to keep the tofu intact. (In order to prevent the petals of the chrysanthemum from breaking off, the water does not need to be completely poured off, it does not matter if you leave a little bit)

Mid-autumn Dishes-duck Soup and Chrysanthemum Tofu recipe

7. Scoop up the duck soup with a soup spoon, and gently add the chrysanthemum tofu bowl along the side of the bowl.

Mid-autumn Dishes-duck Soup and Chrysanthemum Tofu recipe

8. Put the chrysanthemum tofu with duck soup into the steamer and steam for 5 minutes.

Mid-autumn Dishes-duck Soup and Chrysanthemum Tofu recipe

9. Wash the small rapeseed, blanch it in a pot of boiling water, bring out the steamed chrysanthemum tofu, add a piece of blanched rape leaf, put a grain of wolfberry in the middle of the tofu, and serve! Light regimen, most suitable for people who clean up the stomach and lose weight after a big meal. The tofu melts in your mouth and slips into your mouth like jelly. The tofu flavor and the umami flavor of the duck soup are blended together, and it's warm. Delicious!

Mid-autumn Dishes-duck Soup and Chrysanthemum Tofu recipe


The lactone tofu is very tender, so it must be handled with care, and a sharp knife must be used when cutting the package to avoid shredding the tofu.
In fact, it is not difficult to prepare this dish, just pay attention to it, every step of the whole operation process should be light and handy! Be bold and careful, just keep the shape of tofu!


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